Tinker Youth Center

Bldg. 5520 | 405.734.7866
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Youth Membership Hours
Non-School Day Hours
Preteens:       Monday – Friday, 1PM – 7PM
Teens:            Monday – Thursday, 1PM – 8PM
Friday, 1PM – 9PM
:              Saturday, 10AM – 4PM

School Day Hours

Preteens:       Monday – Friday, 3PM – 7PM
Teens:            Monday – Thursday, 3PM – 8PM
Friday, 3PM – 9PM

Summer Camp
                     Monday – Friday, 6AM – 6PM

Youth Programs

CYP Dance Classes 2018
Eggstravaganza 2018
CYP Martial Arts 2018
Parents Day_Night Out 2018
FCC 2017
Tinker Teens 2016
Achool Age Program 2017

Youth Center Membership Program
The Youth Center Membership Program is $60 a year per child ($50 if you sign up in the month of December) and open to youth 10-18 years of age who are dependents of active duty military, retirees, DoD civilians, and contractors. The program includes Power Hour, Fit Factor, Smart Girls, Passport to Manhood, Career Launch, Money Matters, Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts, computer and internet access (monitored), a variety of video games and consoles, and much more on a daily basis. During the summer a variety of weekly day camps are available.

School Age Program
Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Transportation to/from:
– Parkview Elementary
– Soldier Creek Elementary
– Barnes Elementary
– Schwartz Elementary
– Mid West City Elementary
– Steed Elementary

Program Clubs:
– Torch Club: Ages 10-12
– Keystone Club: Ages 13-18
For information on the School Age Program visit TinkerLiving.com/SAP.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Tinker AFB Youth Programs are for ages 5-18 (ages 3-4 for Start Smart Sports Programs) and is affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). Tinker Youth participate in the BGCA’s Five Programs:

4-H Programs
The Youth Center also offers three 4-H programs throughout the year. The goal of 4-H programming is to develop growth and development in the four essential elements (Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity). The Oklahoma County 4-H Extension Office, Oklahoma 4-H Military Liaison, and Tinker Youth Center work closely to offer a variety of projects/programming.

Daily Membership Activity Clubs
Mon – Fri | 4PM – 5PM
Information available at the Youth Center.

Youth Dance Class
Mondays & Thursdays
This high energy class teaches rhythm, coordination, and balance through
age-appropriate movements set to fun upbeat music. This style is great for
girls and boys of all ages that like to dance!

The curriculum for this class is an expansion of Ballet & Jazz technique with
use of emotional choreography. This class teaches basic jazz dance technique,
alignment, and movement. Typical music choices for this genre are styles that
evoke strong feelings & emotions.

Tap & Ballet
Students are taught a curriculum of basic dance skills & coordination
exercises in each discipline. A variety of music is used to express tap &

Classes are for children ages 3-18 and are 50 minutes long.

Youth Martial Arts
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Kuk Sool Won is a Korean system of highly effective fighting techniques that teaches body throws, joint locks, break falls and pressure point exploitation as well as hand and foot striking techniques. Kuk Sool Won is a well-rounded martial art that increases your fitness, flexibility, balance and mental focus as you learn self-defense.

Youth Sports
All youth sports programs are $60 for youth ages 5-12 and the Start Smart for youth ages 3-4 is $75 (starter kit included).

Youth Sports offered:
Flag Football/Color Guard/Cheer  (24 October- 3 December)
Basketball/Color Guard/Cheer

Start Smart offered:
Flag Football (24 October- 5 December)

For dates and more info please call the Youth Center at 405.734.7866.

Membership Information

Find events and classes open to anyone on Tinker Air Force Base by checking out our calendar below! In order to view details please click on each event or class individually.

Note: The “More details” and “Copy to My Calendar” functions don’t work on Tinker Air Force Base computers due to the inability to log into Google Calendar. To cover this we’ll make sure to include all details when you click on each event individually.

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  1. We recently participated in the Fall Festival in October at the Youth Center. Someone was taking pictures associated with the Youth Center and would like to view the pictures that they took of us.

    • Hey James! That was me! To view the pictures, check out our facebook page: Tinker Living. We also have a youtube channel where you can watch our Halloween Carnival Play back video. Our channel is also called: tinkerliving. Thank you!

    • Hi Carl. We believe the times are 6:30-8:30 pm but you may need to call security forces to be sure. Have a great day.

    • Hi Stella,
      Please call the Youth Center at 405-734-7866 so they can give you more information!
      Have a great Monday!

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