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Tue-Fri 7:30am-5pm

Equipment Checkout is your home, garden and recreation equipment checkout center. Check out the Equipment Rental price list below or stop by Bldg. 478 to see the assortment of rentals. Equipment Rental is located in Outdoor Recreation.

RV Storage
Looking for a safe, reliable, and easily accessible place to store your boat, RV, or utility trailer? Outdoor Recreation has an RV storage lot located on base that can store any recreational vehicle, 30 feet or less in length. Cost per RV is $126 for six months or $210 for one year.

Moonwalk/Bounce Houses
Equipment checkout has a great variety of bounce houses that can be rented for birthdays, gatherings, and parties! Reserve yours while they last for just $149 a weekend (Friday – Tuesday).

Reservations for items cannot be made over the phone, please visit ODR at Building 478 to make your reservation.

Some equipment items may require a deposit

Rules and Responsibilities
Checkout fees are used to defray maintenance costs and replacement expenses. Proper use and care of equipment extends the life of the equipment and keeps the rental fees low.

All Items are rented on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made in advance. Payment in full is required when the equipment is picked up.

Rental Center Personnel Responsibilities
1. Equipment issued will be in a clean and serviceable condition. It is our responsibility to ensure it is in that condition for the customer’s satisfaction.
2. If rental center personnel are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the item(s) presented for turn in, they inform the customer of what must be done to make the item(s) acceptable. It is within the authority and responsibility of the rental center personnel to request additional cleaning of item(s) before accepting them for turn in.
3. If customers of the rental center refuse to bring the checkout items to required standards of cleanliness, the rental center personnel will impose a cleaning fee.

Customer Responsibilities
1. Inspect to condition of them item(s) you are checking out before accepting them.

1. All tents will be clean, dry and aired out before being turned in. Customers may be required to set up the tent upon return.
2. When the customer has another person return the item(s) it is the customers responsibility to inform that person about the turn in policy, due date and money owed.
3. The person turning in the item(s) is responsible for its cleanliness.
4. The person who signed the rental receipt is responsible for the item(s) condition.
5. Lost item(s) will be paid for or replaced with a like-item by the customer.
6. Costs to repair damaged items will be paid by the customer.

Late Charges

A late charge will be assessed on all items not returned on the due date. The late charge is the daily rate for each item for each day they item(s) is overdue. After ten days, it will be turned over to the NAF Financial Management Branch for collection.
If you have a problem returning item(s) on the due date, contact the Equipment Rental Manager at 405.734.5875.
Customer’s First Sergeant and/or Supervisor will be notified in the event a customer does not pay the moneys owed.
*Prices are subject to change. For current pricing please contact ODR at 405.734.5875.




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