2018 Cardboard Boat Regatta

1. All sailing vessels must be entirely made of corrugated cardboard.
2. The maximum length of any vessel is 10 feet.
3. Boast may be propelled by paddles or sails made out of corrugated cardboard (they can not be wrapped in duck tape, shrink wrap, packing tape with string or any other water-resistant material).
4. You must wear a life jacket and be in your boat when you cross the finish line.
5. Your boat must be free of edges, pointy objects or anything else that may be a menace to other contestant. No bumping, jolting, or attacking other boats will be allowed.
6. The passenger area of your boat must not be permanently enclosed above the shoulders of the occupants.
7. The entire hull, super structure, and seating must be made entirely of cardboard.
8. The hull must NOT be wrapped in plastic, duct tape, shrink wrap, packing tape, or other water resistant materials.
9. Stickers and flags will be permitted to decorate the boat.
10.No staples or nails can be used.
11. Absolutely no oil based products allowed!!!
12. Only seams, beams, and joints may be taped – you cannot wrap the entire boat in duct tape, shrink wrap, packing tape with string, or other water resistant materials.
13. The maximum width of duct tape in any one spot may not exceed 4 inches.
14. All boats will be inspected prior to the race.
15. No water sealant (caulk) will be allowed.
16. Depending on the number of entries, the boat race will be timed. Best time wins – the boat must be floating with its crew inside the boat. Distance to paddle is 40 meters (2x pool length). Boats must fully turn around at east end. No previous boats may be entered.

Materials allowed for use: corrugated cardboard, duct tape, carpenter’s glue, paper tape, non toxic temper water base paint and markers. No limitation on costumes. Less is better.
Sign Up
Fill out the entry form by clicking the link below and emailing your completed form to greg.secor.1@us.af.mil or bringing your completed form to ODR.
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